A Few Things to Know When Buying Used Surfboards

Oct 30, 2013
A Few Things to Know When Buying Used Surfboards

We all know that surfboards can be really expensive. But with all the availability of used surfboards that can be purchase at local surf shops or even online at auction websites, such as eBay, you can find good deals. However, you need to remember that if you buy a surfboard that’s “too used”, the value of what you’re getting may not be worth the savings.

When buying a used surfboard, there are a few rules that you should follow to ensure you’ll get your money’s worth. Always scour every inch of the surfboard you plan on purchasing before you actually purchase it. Any dings in the surfboard should have been repaired. You want to feel all over the board, especially over areas that have been repaired to ensure there are no soft spots.

Finding a soft spot means that water has seeped in and the foam inside has rotted. This is a horrible thing and you’ll be wasting your money on that board. Also, remember to look at the amount of dings repaired. If the board has had many, even if the repair job was done quite well, the amount of dings can mean that the board is too lightly glassed, which is also not cool.

Seeing any obvious repair running the length of the board, means that the board was probably cracked in half, which will be a waste of money if purchased. Although some boards like this will still ride quite well, it will never be as good as it was before it was cracked in half.

Remember to also check the fins. Look to see if there are any cracks especially around the base if they’re glassed on. Cracks on the fins are one of the most expensive repairs. If the fins are removable, you should check the boxes for cracks, water seepage and stripped shrub screws. Fin boxes are very expensive to replace as well.

Some wear and tear is natural and really not that much of a big deal if timely repairs were done, as it will prevent extensive damages. You also need to remember that a used board looses its flex characteristics. However, this will not really make much of a difference and if there is, it will only be a minor one.

The best thing to look for to ensure you’re getting a real deal is to find a board that has hardly been used. The best used surfboards are ones the owner didn’t see the board they purchased as a perfect fit for them. These people will want to get rid of the board fast in order for them to purchase a board that is better suited for them. These boards usually have only been tested a few times.

As with most purchases, t he key to finding the best used surfboard is by shopping around. Purchasing a board online is not really recommended. Seeing and examining the board up close is extremely important! If done right, buying a used surfboard will definitely save you a lot of money.

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