Big Gun Surfboard – Best for Big Wave Surf Spots

Jun 4, 2013
Big Gun Surfboard – Best for Big Wave Surf Spots

Big Gun surfboards are aimed at professional surfers and are designed to be ridden in the world’s biggest and most powerful waves. Big Gun boards are longer and thicker than average boards in order to prevent wobble. They are also narrower in the nose and tail to allow the rails to have full contact with the waves.

Many Gun boards are designed to handle certain wave types. For surfers who are serious about surfing big waves in a specific region, it is recommended that they purchase a gun from a local shaper who knows the waves in the area and has direct experience of shaping boards especially for those waves.

There are only a small number of beaches in the world where–waves of huge size and power are regularly seen. Here is a list of the best big wave surf locations:

  • Dungeons – Cape Town in  South Africa
  • Cloudbreak – Tavarua in Fiji
  • Peahi/Jaws – North Shore in Maui
  • Todos Santos – Baja in Mexico
  • Shipsterns Bluff – Tasmania
  • Puerto Escondido –Mexico
  • Mavericks – Northern California
  • Teahupoo – Tahiti
  • Cortes Bank – Offshore San Diego
  • Makaha – West Shore in Oahu
  • Punta de Lobos – Chile
  • Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach  – North Shore in Oahu

Waves in these locations are monstrous–the right surfboard is definitely required; small mistakes on a big wave could have huge consequences!

In the comments section below please weigh-in if you are a big gun surfer and have surfed any of the locations above.

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