Gnarly Surfing Videos Review – Taking on Jaws | Maui Hawaii

Jun 1, 2013
Gnarly Surfing Videos Review – Taking on Jaws | Maui Hawaii

The media has a collaboration of amazing surfing videos of the young talent across the world today.  The social networking platform of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and several others contribute towards one another.  They all have a way of referencing and rating the top surf videos on the market today.  In this particular video you have professional surfer Ian Walsh going up against the infamous wave ‘Jaws’ as it has one of its biggest swells ever to hit Hawaii.

The Jaws surfing video shows pro surfer, Walsh, taking on an immense wave and handling it with professional precision in Maui.  You see the crash of the wave, the energy of the moment, and Walsh getting swallowed while going at the speed of 40-50 miles per hour.  A jet ski comes up moments later to pull Walsh to safety after being swallowed under the hard crunch of jaw’s intense unforgettable sting.  “You don’t expect a jet ski to be around, you learn to handle things the best you can on your own,” Walsh states.  This video shows surfing at its most extreme.

Give us a shout in the comments section below if you have surfed Jaws in Maui, sure everyone would love to hear about your experiences.

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