How to Capture Great Surfing Photos

Jun 7, 2013
How to Capture Great Surfing Photos

The essence of a photo can capture emotion, energy, memories of all different kinds, and holds monumental meaning from one person to another. The meaning behind it varies, but it is the concept that we can capture such meaningful moments in the still of a frame, and the fact that everyone has a different perspective to what makes them special. Take it a step further and add a hobby to it. The substance of a great surfing photo captures scenery and emotion, the ocean’s and surfer’s raw energy that is sprouting in the very moment. A great surfing photo takes the energy of the person from that very second and puts it in a frame for everyone else to experience. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s something everyone can get a glimpse of and truly enjoy.

Learning how to capture great surfing photos takes practice, some good camera equipment, and polished techniques and just as important–being in the right place at the right time.

Setting oneself up to get the right composition is essential so that shooting great surfing photos and capturing the moment can include:

  • The best scenery of the moment – a perfectly shaped wave, large or unusual waves, cliffs, mountains, foliage, rocks, cityscapes, or incredible sunsets in the background offer up a bonus in surf photography at times.
  • Being able to see a clear image of the surfer and the surrounds as to what is going on
  • Waves barreling over or high above the surfer so it looks almost ready to crush those riding them—capturing the unfathomable energy of the wave
  • The surfer’s artistry and skill showing a taste of craftsmanship because surfing is an art in itself. 

Share your favorite surf sports and tips for taking surfing photos in the comments section below.

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