How to Repair Surfboard Dings

Jun 11, 2013
How to Repair Surfboard Dings

It’s a fact of surfing life that all boards will get dings that will need repairing. When a surfboard gets a ding, it needs to be repaired quickly because water soaking into the core will ruin it. If the ding is small, then the board may only need a cosmetic or minor repair, however, a board with a lot of damage may be unusable or require major repair by an expert.

DIY Ding Repairs

For those not quite ready to quit surfing for the day or travelling in a remote destination, there are some temporary ding repairs that will enable surfing to continue while preventing any further damage:

  • Ding repair putty – This is a quick fix as the putty is a combination of filler and catalyst. Simply clean and dry the ding, roll putty into a ball, smooth into the ding and it will set in minutes.
  • UV pre-mixed resin – To fill in small holes. Simply clean out and apply the resin before leaving the board to dry for one hour.
  • 5-minute epoxy – This works the same as pre-mixed resin, but gives a harder finish. Simply mix it up and apply into cracks to keep the water out.
  • Vinyl board repair stickers – To cover small cracks. Allow the board to dry before applying the ding stickers, which are designed to keep the water out temporarily.

Professional Surfboard Repair – For a permanent fix, check with your local surf shop and have a professional expert at ding repairs do the job for you. It is worth paying the money, as these people will help to extend a board’s life by many years.

In the comments section please share your tips for repairing a surfboard.

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