How To Surf – Importance of Learning the Basics of Surfing

May 21, 2013
How To Surf – Importance of Learning the Basics of Surfing

Learning how to surf may seem tough, but the reality is that if you take the time to learn, you’ll be up on a board and riding a wave in no time. A mistake that many people make is trying to jump on a board and surf without knowing each step of the process. You have to learn, then practice, then develop your surfing skills. A few basic lessons by an experienced surf instructor can go a long way in making your first attempt at surfing much more enjoyable.

The things you will need to learn and practice are paddling, duck-diving, standing on the board properly, and proper wave-riding techniques. Each one needs equal amount of focus because without doing one thing the right way, you will usually fail at surfing.

  • Paddling will allow you to paddle out to catch waves.
  • Duck-diving allows you to get beyond waves on your way out.
  • Learning to stand on the surfboard will teach you proper balance and movement on the board.
  • Learning to put it all together and ride waves will get you used to handling all types of waves and will allow you to learn more advanced tricks in the future.

Learning how to surf takes time and can be a fun and enjoyable sport if you practice the proper surfing techniques. It should be noted that ocean waves and strong currents demand that you be a good swimmer if you are going to take up surfing. See our other posts for information about the best places to learn how to surf.

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