How to Take Great Surfing Photos

Jun 24, 2013
How to Take Great Surfing Photos

Surfing photos are fun to take because you get to shoot action shots, you have the sky and sparkling ocean as a backdrop, and everyone likes to see water in photos. While it’s not too tough to figure out how to get the pictures to look good, it takes some practice to make them look like professional shots.

Timing is everything when it comes to any type of photography, but it’s especially important when you’re talking about taking action filled surfing photos, you are dealing with the sun’s reflection off the water, and constant movement. If you want to take the best surfing pictures possible, you need to go out and shoot early in the morning or right at sunset.

Another key to shooting great surfing photos is figuring out what shutter speed you should use. You don’t want a blurred photo, which is a typical problem with action shots, so be sure to raise your shutter speed until you get stable photos. You can use a regular digital camera but you will find that the best shots are controlled with a 35mm SLR, whether it is digital or not, as long as it is provides shutter speed control.

With a decent camera, anyone can take great surfing photos. It just takes a little bit of practice until you can consistently get those impressive shots, which comes from understanding the basics of photography and knowing what your camera can do.

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