Little Known Surfing Jewels – Experience Surfing the Pipeline of the Outer Banks

Dec 10, 2013
Little Known Surfing Jewels – Experience Surfing the Pipeline of the Outer Banks

When someone thinks of North Carolina, many things may come to mind. However, I’m most certain that surfing is not one of them. Unknown to many, the Outer Banks offers some of the best surfing in the country.

Traveling all the way to Hawaii is not necessary to experience fantastic waves to surf. All you need to do is go to North Carolina. The beaches, particularly Currituck County, will be able to offer warm water, clean sand, and its sheer natural beauty. There are also a lot of close-by attractions with a variety of entertainment options.

Every surfing enthusiast will love this spot. It has great waves that are consistent and hollow.

In fact, Outer Banks was already known to be one of the most popular surf regions in the state. This is because of its geographical and meteorological aspects. The shelf narrows near the outer banks, which causes swells to reach the beach. Also, because the area is exposed to low pressure weather systems, you will constantly get large waves, which most surfers will love.

Another great thing about this place is that there are miles of clean beach along the coastline. With plenty of room to surf, overcrowding in the water or on the sand will almost never happen.

North Carolina is one of those states that experience all four seasons. These changes will also play an important role if you surf in Currituck Outer Banks. During the summer months, the south swells can creep in to the area. Because of this, you should constantly watch surf reports in order for you to know about the latest surfing conditions.

However, in the fall, you will find that the Outer Banks has some pretty fantastic surfing conditions. Not only that, the beaches will be thinned out from tourists because of the cold, and you will also be able to experience getting plenty of waves produced by north swells, wind swells, east swells, south swells, and hurricane swells as well as waves produced by light westerly winds. Autumn really is the best season to visit.

Staying in the fall will give you a chance to ride the famous Outer Banks spitting barrels. But do remember the water will get rather cold during this time in North Carolina. This means that you should put on your full suit whenever you go surfing.

Currituck County is a very popular surfing destination in North Carolina. So, the next time you are planning on a surfing vacation, you might want to think about going to North Carolina. You’ll be able to enjoy surfing big waves as well as do plenty of activities aside from surfing. Once winter arrives, you can always go to Hawaii where the surfing season will be just beginning. North Carolina can definitely give you the gift of a satisfying surfing experience.

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