Surf Photography – Techniques and Tips

May 29, 2013
Surf Photography – Techniques and Tips

A surfer taking on the power of nature is a beautiful image. The art of surf photography is one that takes experience and hands on training to become a true professional. When taking in the image that is before you there are a few techniques and tips that make surf photography more manageable, and a step closer to the skilled area rather than that of a novice.

  • Anticipation- When the surfer gets a look of intensity in their eyes begin to prepare. With the speed of the board beginning to pick up and you can feel the energy in the air, get ready to snap the picture right as it’s about to happen.
  • A Telephoto lens makes a difference- A 200mm lens is the minimum recommended, but the ideal lens is 500 or 600mm. It allows the best possible way of capturing clear crisp images with clarity.
  • A Camera capable of fast pictures-  With the intensity of the moment happening quickly, you will want a camera that can shoot images quickly without having to wait for it to be ready for the next shot (Canon 5D or 7d recommended)
  • Angles and Points- There are several ways to shoot surfing, make the adjustments to make your photos the most exciting and creative that you can make them
  • Time of day- Take into consideration what kind of shots you want to take, and based on that basic information choose an appropriate time of day to make it happen

These are just some of the things you can do to enhance your surf photography and give it that additional flair that takes it from common to the level of unique.

Share your surf photography tips and techniques in the comments section below.

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