Surf Photography – Tools of the Trade Needed for Great Surfing Shots

Jun 24, 2013
Surf Photography – Tools of the Trade Needed for Great Surfing Shots

Surf photography is popular because it’s a great way for photographers to take action shots while also having fantastic backgrounds in their pictures, spending time outdoors and at the beach. What could be better than a day at the beach? While shooting these types of images isn’t extremely difficult, it’s still important that you know what photography equipment you need to take the perfect surf photography images.

First, you don’t have to purchase a top of the line camera to be able to take great surfing shots. What you do need is a camera that will allow you to control shutter speeds such as a 35mm DSLR camera, so you can get the best action shots possible without getting blurry results.

The other key tool is the lens you use. While it’s not necessary to get an expensive telephoto lens, you do want a lens that will allow you get a clear shot of the surfer. Any lens that will let you take close-up clear, crisp images is good enough for surf photography if you are in amateur photography mode. It’s up to you how you position yourself to get the closest shots possible.

I have found that perching atop the pier in Huntington Beach allowed me to get some great shots of surfers riding the waves. At other beaches, I had to get wet to get some good shots but on a gorgeous day at the beach, that is part of the fun!

This great video “50 years at Huntington Beach Pier – California’s Surfing History” features some still shot photo images from Huntington Beach Pier and many famous surfers.

It’s important to remember that the photographer is actually the most important tool when shooting any type of photos. Practice and adjust your techniques until you are taking great surfer photos.

Please share your surf photography techniques or tips below in the comments section.

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