Surfing at Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Offers Surf Photography Opportunities and Adventure

Jun 11, 2013
Surfing at Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Offers Surf Photography Opportunities and Adventure

Costa Rice is one of the world’s many miracles. It has numerous options for recreation offering to its inhabitants and tourists an array of beautiful beaches, nature, and an exciting nightlife. Whether you are a surfer looking for the next wave to ride or a photographer looking to shoot stunning in-depth surf photography, Costa Rica is a gem among its kind. If you wish to take a day tour adventure there are jungle and eco tours to keep you busy offering more photo ops.

Capture the Beginner Surfer on Film

If you are a beginner to the world of surfing, this is the ideal place for you. The current isn’t overwhelming and it allows those with less experience to take part of the recreation and get a feel for what surfing is all about. It also gives a chance to shoot and capture the moment of education, showing the beginner steps to the growth cycle of the sport through surf photography.

The Perfect Photo Ops on larger waves

Granted Manuel Antonio is more for your beginner and moderate level surfer however, that does not leave the advanced surfer out of the picture all together. Just outside of Manuel Antonio and Quepos are locations that offer recreation to the more daring. To name a few designated for the more daredevil at heart are:

  • Mar Y Sombra – This beach offers a large swell, with a beach break that is often strong tubular left and right. Best conditions are at mid to high tide.
  • Playitas – It’s a short beach break. This beach is on the north end of the beach in Manuel Antonio it has a medium to large swell. Best conditions are at mid-high tide.
  • Bajo - A strong point south of Playitas. Its best conditions are with  small to medium swell at a mid-high tide

Come enjoy the sun and capture some stunning surf photography images while taking some moments to enjoy a wave or two.

Share your Costa Rica surfing experiences and surf photography tips and techniques in the comments section below.

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