Surfing Videos Review – Female Pro Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons at US Open Huntington Beach

Jun 14, 2013
Surfing Videos Review – Female Pro Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons at US Open Huntington Beach

Surfing has tended to be a male dominate sport, but women have always had an interest and many have shown some incredible talent as more females are becoming keen to the sport.  There are several surfing videos gradually making it to the various media websites and social networks that are showing the capabilities of extreme female surfing talent.  In this particular Sally Fitzgibbons surf video it highlights her journey to the star spectrum while at the Huntington Beach US Open surf contest and how she has found herself to be a part of.

It is a broad interview with Sally and a discussion into her training techniques and her experience as a surfer.  It gives insight to her state of mind and shows a genuine appreciation for her fans.  Sally is captured via video here at the 2012 US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Ca.  Her strong attitude and commitment to the sport make her a strong challenger, and at the moment a defender on account of being the current women’s title holder.

I have to share this with all of you. Years ago my daughter wanted to join the surf team in Huntington Beach and I said okay that is fine with me. Little did I know that it would involve her rising at 5am to ride her bike down the street to the beach when it was freezing cold outside with even colder water temperatures to be part of the Huntington Beach’s Edison High School Surf Team.

The dedication I witnessed to the sport of surfing was unbelievable and for a girl to get out there every day early in the morning when most of her friends were at home still sleeping or doing their hair and putting on makeup made me believe how much she loved the sport of surfing. My daughter and two of her girlfriends were the only girls on the team for three years and watching them compete at various surf contests over the years was a joyful time in our lives.

Whether you are male or female makes no difference, what I see in surfers and from my own surfing experiences (when I was a young girl learning to surf myself – only during the summer when it was hot, by the way) is that it takes true dedication, years of practice and a real passion for the sport to attain recognition in surfing.  So, when I see someone like Sally give it her all to the sport of surfing I take my visor off and say, “you go girl.”

So let’s hear from all the female surfers out there. Please leave your comments and share your surfing experiences in the comments section below.

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