Surfing Videos – Surf Videos are Exciting and Mesmerizing

Jun 24, 2013
Surfing Videos – Surf Videos are Exciting and Mesmerizing

Just about everyone I have ever talked to will say that they love to watch surfing videos. Even if they are not huge participating fans of the sport or surfers themselves, when it comes to just sitting back at your TV or computer screen, there aren’t too many sports that are as action-packed or visually stunning as surfing.

I think what makes surf videos so special is that you get to see the waves in all of their glory. Even if surfers are taking on smaller waves, the colors and the speed in which they cruise down the crest of the wave, is like nothing else on Earth. You can see the skill involved every step of the wave!

Of course, the athleticism and skills of the surfers complete surfing videos. Surfers may not be household names, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who has watched surf videos and doesn’t have respect for the people who put their lives at risk every time they take on a wave.

Interest in surfing is rising every year, so there should be no shortage of fantastic surfing videos for the near future, you can catch some fantastic shots of places like Mavericks, Waimea, Sunset Beach and other hot surf spots around the world on YouTube. One of my all-time favorites to watch is Laird Hamilton, on a huge 50-foot wave scaling down the front of the wave as if it was a 6-footer.

“Laird Hamilton takes on Teahupoo”

Have a favorite surfing video? Please share the YouTube surf video link in the comments section below for all to enjoy. 

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