View the World through the Eyes of a Surfer

Dec 17, 2013
View the World through the Eyes of a Surfer

Every surfer wants to experience all that the world has to offer when it comes to waves. Most, however, are surprised to find out that Hawaii isn’t the only place that has fantastic surfing. Finding a place that will offer a unique experience is easier than you may think.

So, here are some of the top surfing destinations for fantastic surfing around the world.

With Hawaii considered by many as the home of surfing, it’s no surprise the first spot on this list is the North Shore of Oahu. Surfing is so important, that the Polynesians or first Hawaiians consider the sport to be a sacred ritualistic activity. This area is also home to most of the Big Wave surfing experiences and some of the best breaks. It is one surfing destination that every true surfer must visit. In fact, this place should be where you should learn how to surf.

Here on the North Shore, which is considered the Holy Grail, you will find gigantic waves that form barrels that you can ride. Commonly known as the wild water, the North Shore is a place where advanced surfers can test their skills. The gigantic waves are common during the winter months, so you may want to visit between October and February if you’re one who likes to have an audience. The 20 miles of open sandy beaches are sure to be filled with spectators to take it all in. If you haven’t experienced 20 to 30 feet waves, then this is the place that you should definitely go to.

Additionally, Hawaii’s Ehukai Beach is host to the most famous of these breaks known as the Banzai Pipeline. This is where surfing legends are made and broken. If you want to try riding the Banzai Pipeline and also experience what the greats of surfing experienced, then this is the perfect place for you.

Cape Town, South Africa is another surfing destination that every true surfing enthusiast should definitely visit. Cape Town, particularly in Jeffries Bay, has some of the most beautiful sceneries that you will even have a chance to see while surfing big waves.

You’ll find all sorts of hidden and unknown places to surf on that generates fantastic waves to thrill you. Jeffries Bay or J-Bay, as surfers call it, has consistent surf, famous curls, and what surfers refer to as Supertubes. Just make sure you have your eyes peeled when you’re in the area. This place has a reputation for attracting sharks in droves because of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Lastly, in this series there is the Half Moon Bay, in Northern California, referred to as Mavericks. Producing breaks that are synonymous with Hawaii’s Big Wave surfing, you will see that it is not uncommon to find waves that can be as big as 50 feet during the winter months. With strong and challenging waves that can really make you want to surf, what more can you ask for?

These top three surfing destinations are ones every surfing fanatic should try visiting when going on a surfing vacation. Providing you with big waves, you can be sure that you will be able to ride like the legends and truly test out your skills in surfing.

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